Business services

ATM Network is a full-service provider of ATM equipment, processing, maintenance, financing and customer service. Very few companies offer the level of service that ATM Network has delivered since 1996.

Merchant services

We provide a full line of merchant services for both ATM and non-ATM transactions, including free check collection.


We offer a variety of ATM leasing plans to help you get an ATM machine with no money out of your pocket. We can even create a customized program just for you.

Free ATM placement

We realize that some business owners just do not want to deal with owning an ATM. That’s why we offer our Free ATM placement program to locations that qualify. You can get a new ATM in your business without having to deal with any of the responsibilities of managing or owning a cash machine.

Shipping with lift gate service

All of our ATM machines include express shipping with lift gate service at no additional cost. Many companies do not include shipping in the price, and for those that do, most of them require you to get the machine off the truck.

Site selection

One of our experienced consultants will work with you to determine the best way to maximize visibility and usage for your ATM.

The most advanced equipment

We will work together to determine the best equipment for your location. We work with the leading ATM manufacturers in the industry, so you can count on us to provide the latest in ATM technology at the most competitive prices.


In addition to shipping your machine at no cost, we will send a trained site technician to install your ATM and assist you with merchandising and marketing.


Once the installation process is complete, our site technician will conduct a training session for you and your staff. They will make sure you are completely satisfied with your ATM before leaving. In addition, our around-the-clock service center is available to answer any questions you might have.


ATM Network will include an extensive marketing package with every machine, including a neon lighted sign and door decals.

State-of-the-art network

We hook you into our transaction-processing network, which features encrypted data transmission and compatibility with every major card issuer and lots of smaller ones as well.

24/7 phone support

We have live operators standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your ATM needs. Whether you are experiencing a problem with your machine or you need to order supplies, we will be there when you need us. Unlike many companies that “farm out” their phone support centers overseas, ATM Network guarantees that if you have a problem with your machine you will speak to one of our highly trained technicians.

ATM business development

We have hundreds of customers that have started their own ATM businesses. They own ATM machines that are placed at retail locations such as gas stations, bars or convenience stores. The store owner gets an ATM in their store for no cost and the ATM owner collects the transaction fee. Sound interesting? Learn more about how we can help you start your own ATM business.

“After a lot of research into the ATM industry, I found that ATM Network’s knowledge and experience was far superior to their competitors.”

Kim Mackenthun, President, Minnesota Grocers Association

“ATM Network is an excellent company to work with. I have had many situations where I needed machines programmed and installed right away and they have always been on top of things.”

Kenneth Nahleh, Product Wholesale Unlimited

“ATM Network is a company that is very good at what they do. They helped me create a lucrative ATM business and they continue to support me and offer guidance any time I need it.”

Jim Dixon, Beyond ATMs

“ATM Network has delivered on every promise to the association and to our membership. They continue to provide the association with detailed and timely reporting and provide our members with great service.”

John F. Berglund, Executive director, Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association

“I don’t know how many clients give you feedback; but I wanted you to know what a fine team you have put together. ... Most of all, I don’t feel like a client; I feel like I am their friend.”

Lori Manning, independent OSO

“I have been very impressed with ATM Network’s level of service ever since I bought my first machine. They are professional and reliable. I highly recommend them.”

Jimmy Young, ATM Cash Net

“In my 16 years as Executive Director of the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association ... the one program that has stood out is our partnership with ATM Network.”

John F. Berglund, Executive director, Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association

“We have had an exceptionally strong partnership with ATM Network since 1997. With 17 ATM machines in operation today, we have come to rely on their expertise and experience in the ATM industry. It’s no surprise to me how they have developed so many strong relationships and major endorsements from organizations over the years. I would definitely recommend ATM Network to anyone considering getting an ATM machine for their business.”

Mike Jennings, Pinnacle ATM

“ATM Network did a fantastic job in helping us through some issues we had with installing an ATM into a wall. Their expertise and level of service is really amazing.”

Eric Rust, Stop to Shop

“In the few months we have had our machine, I see people coming in off the street because of the signs indicating it is here. It is just starting to grow in transaction volume — almost double since we installed it. I would highly recommend ATM Network.”

Thomas Tillman, Tilly’s Pub

“ATM Network has been a very important component in building our atm business. Their knowledge of the ATM industry and commitment to service is outstanding. I would highly recommend ATM Network to anyone who is interested in building a successful ATM business.”

John Prins, LCM Development

“I first made contact with ATM Network on July 16. Our two new ATMs were installed on August 24 by a very knowledgeable technician who explained the system and who made us feel comfortable in our roles in maintaining the machines. In the first month of operation we made $1,326 in commissions, which was $249 more than we made in ATM revenue for the previous entire year. ... At the current pace, it looks like we will have amassed enough commissions to have both machines paid for before the first invoice arrives! ... It’s been a wonderful experience and I wish we had contacted ATM Network years ago. Thanks again and I look forward to many more profitable months.”

Mark Higgins, Controller, Landmark College

“Thanks to ATM Network I now have another profit center in my store.”

Jerry Utecht, President, Jubilee Foods

“ATM Network has really helped me build my ATM business. They have helped me find a number of great locations in Los Angeles that do very well. I highly recommend them.”

Lee Ea, Stevenson ATM

“I looked around at other ATM companies before buying my first machine, but I just thought ATM Network had the best program compared to the others. They are a full-service company with an excellent customer-service team.”

Samir Almoteie, G & P ATM

“ATM Network has done a great job. They’re truly professionals. We give them ‘two thumbs up’ and would recommend them to everyone!”

Joseph Campo, South Lyndale Liquors Inc.

“ATM Network is committed to providing first-class service to their customers. After purchasing 10 machines from them I would not recommend anyone else.”

Mike Martin, independent OSO

“Since installation we have watched our transactions increase daily, and we now have an option for customers that want to write a check without any identification: We just direct them to the ATM.”

Joseph Campo, South Lyndale Liquors Inc.

“I’ve cut my credit card fees by $500 a month. Add that to the surcharge check I’m getting for over $400 and I am up over $900 a month thanks to ATM Network!”

Jack Nelson, Locust Street Tavern, Davenport, Iowa

“Over the past 3-4 weeks we have been converting our ATM machines to ATM Network. At first, the task seemed insurmountable. (But) I cannot tell you how helpful, kind and patient (ATM Network service manager) Tom James has been through all of this. With Tom walking me through every step, we did a whirlwind of conversions. I made mistakes, dumped screens, etc. but thankfully became more proficient with each conversion. Although I have not met Tom ... he is one of the most decent, caring and helpful individuals I have ever communicated with.”

Lori Manning, independent OSO

“The bank was paying me very little to keep their ATM in my store. I was surprised when ATM Network showed me how much more I could earn by controlling and owning the ATM myself.”

Jerry Utecht, President, Jubilee Foods

“ATM Network helped me pick the ideal location that wouldn’t cut into my retail space and yet was easy for my customers to see and use.”

Jim Koehnen, Koehnen’s Service

“I had several ATM machines with another vendor and recently changed them over to ATM Network because they have much better programs. Their staff is very dedicated and easy to work with.”

Hugh Trussel, Paytel ATM

“After I left the insurance sales industry I looked at buying ATM machines as a part-time job. Although I was hesitant to get into the business, ATM Network encouraged me and helped me every step of the way. My part-time job now produces a full time income thanks to ATM Network.”

Dan Woolson, Viking ATM

“ATM Network offered us everything we needed — superior equipment, professional customer service — and the tech support has been fantastic.”

Donald Desjarlait Sr., General manager, Red Lake Foods

“From installation to ongoing support, ATM Network has outdone themselves! ... ATM Network is a company that we highly recommend.”

Lyle Mandel, Vice president, Alleygators Nightclub & Restaurant


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